ChillSac Laybag - Purple
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The ChillSac lay bag is the perfect accessory for relaxation almost anywhere!

Easily inflated by dragging it through the air, it's lightweight and comes in it's own matching draw-string carry bag - which is smaller than a rolled-up picnic blanket.

Perfect for festivals, camping, picnics, the beach, kids' play, entertaining in the garden, outdoor cinema events and even in the swimming pool!

Durable and designed for use on a range of terains: sand, grass, concrete, light gravel, water

Comfortably accommodates two adults (or a gaggle of kiddies), with a suggested maximum weight-bearing of 40st

Please note that - even though the chillSac is hard-wearing and very durable - tears could occur if they come into contact with extreme heat (including cigarettes) or sharp objects.

Please supervise small children when using the ChillSac.

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ChillSac Laybag - Purple

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