Helium Cylinder 30
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Disposable Helium Cylinder - 30 Helium Gas Cylinder is precision-filled with 8.9 cubic ft of Helium Gas suitable for inflating latex and foil balloons.

Portable, Lightweight & Easy to use with Inflation nozzle already fitted

Compliant to European Safety Standards & manufactured by the World's No.1 Disposable Helium Cylinder producer. Don't risk your safety of the success of your Event by buying a cheaper inferior Disposable Helium Cylinder

How many balloons will the 30 Helium Gas Cylinder inflate?
This Disposable Helium Cylinder contains 8.9 cubic feet of helium gas which will inflate with careful filling approximately:
30 x 9" latex balloons or 20 x 10" latex balloons or 15 x 11" latex balloons or 15 x 18" foil balloons

 NB: All Party Packs and Helium cylinders are delivered to you via courier.


Goods purchased containing helium are not available for international delivery due to restrictions on transporting helium by flight.

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Helium Cylinder 30

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